Renee Hodges, Author of “Saving Bobby, Heroes, and Heroin in One Small Community”

Marketing Manager or a campaign. Ann was hired as a Social Media expert to help build the brand for a book that was to be published. She is proficient in Web Design and Word Press, and helped me with the Avada theme, I was having difficulties maneuvering. Ann created graphics and videos for all of my Social
Media sites. Ann began a Linked In and Alignable Campaign. She created a campaign to publicize the book
on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linked In. Ann also set up an email marketing campaign with a Mail
Chimp landing page. Ann recommended and implemented boosted posts, Facebook Ads, other Social Media advertising, and kept up with the results. Ann analyzed data to determine which campaigns were succeeding and which were not. All of these items alleviated much time and work for me.

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