We have some pretty amazing people on our Team that keep Ann Gray Consulting cohesive and effective. Our people have the same values on which the brand has been established. Values such as integrity, excellence, ethics, respect, honor, etc., and it shows in their work. They put their heart into their designs and content, going above and beyond in their extraordinary productions. We are honored to have these people as a part of the Team, Ann Gray Consulting!!

Joanna Baumer
Marketing Director

JBaumer Profile Picture

Joanna is an industry leader in digital marketing, graphic design, and brand identity. She is Top Rated Plus on Upwork, the highest-ranking that you can achieve, with a 100% Job Success Score. That puts her in the top of 1% of the workforce of Upwork.

Her passion for marketing began as a child while admiring how a single image or short commercial can tell a brand’s story, draw an audience in and initiate a trusted relationship.

Her natural eye for design evolved into a passion for connecting audiences to brands they will love. Since 2009, Joanna has sharpened her innate abilities using hands-on experience and innovative marketing strategies. Catering to hundreds of clients including Little Debbie® Snack Cakes and the University of Memphis Men’s Basketball Team, her creativity and professionalism separate her from the crowd.

Today, Joanna focuses her talents on reaching consumers by crafting compelling digital ads and social media content, developing user-friendly websites, measuring valuable audience data for optimal effectiveness, and applying her Project Management Professional certification to manage it all.  She’s a one-stop shop marketer!

Dane Crosley
Video Production Specialist

Profile Picture

Dane is a brilliant Video Production Designer. He is also Top Rated Plus on Upwork, with a 100% Job Success Score putting him in the top of 1% of the workforce.

Some of the words used to describe Dane are Digital Illustrator, Graphic Designer, and Business Identity Designer. Dane has been growing and improving his skills for nearly a decade. He values Integrity and Self Improvement over “Making a quick buck.” Dane has worked with small businesses in his local market as well as global web startups. His mission is to make connections with great individuals and assist in the success of their dreams.

Dane has experience with TV production, video production, designing Intros and Outros, portrait cartooning, graphic design, Logo design, etc.

He has brilliant abilities to combine music with the movement of a video and to capture the emotional element of the story.

Leah Hallstrom
Social Media Marketing Copywriter

Leah Hallstrom prof pic

Leah is a marketing and communications professional with experience in social media strategy and brand management. She received bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Communication Studies from the University of Kansas, where she has worked for more than 10 years. Leah has expertly run social media accounts for a variety of clients, including custom home builders and natural health solutions professionals. With experience editing multiple books, building strategic communication plans, and writing fresh and inspiring website content, Leah is a well-rounded marketing and public relations practitioner. With a passion for creative writing and meeting (and exceeding!) client needs, Leah is thrilled to be part of the stellar team at Ann Gray Consulting…

Jenna Brady
Social Media Marketing Web Developer

Jenna Brady

Jenna is a web developer and graphic designer from Des Moines, Iowa. She loves creating designs that make people happy. She got her Undergrad in Management Information Systems from Iowa State University and her Masters in Web Development from the University of Denver. She has experience in creating print designs such as weekly bulletins at her church, business cards, labels, posters, and wedding branding. She also designs graphics and video digital media for church worship, websites, social media, and email marketing. She develops websites by coding HTML, CSS, and JS. She enjoys working on multiple innovative projects from concept to completion. In her free time, she loves cooking, listening to music, and being outside with her two dogs.

Colton Von Pertz
Social Media Marketing Video Designer

Colton Von Pertz prof pic
Colton Von Pertz prof pic

Colton is a Video Marketing Designer and won an Emmy in July 2021 in LA for his work. He is a tech wiz, creative thinker, and has his BA in Graphic Design, Video, and Marketing. His ultimate goals and passions are to be a communicator. Whether that is through a one-on-one conversation, a picture, or a video, his goal is to communicate a message in the most effective way to his audience. His clients have included: Amazon, Apple Inc, Nike, Ford, Serengetee, Pair of Thieves, and NBC.

Sean Trouba
Social Media Marketing Video Creator

Sean Trouba

Being a video creator, allows Sean to combine two of his biggest interests. Being hands-on, and creative problem-solving. Both are characteristics that he has developed. His education is in economics but he found he enjoyed creating therefore, he taught himself everything he needed to know. The econ degree has aided him in analyzing and understanding problems as a whole. Animating and motion design is his passion and specialties, He hopes one day to be able to write and direct animated videos that express a variety of stories.

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