Social Media Marketing, Branding, & Video Strategies Training

Invest in your future and your business dreams! Learn how to market with successful strategies in Social Media, Branding & Video!

As you’ve seen over the last few years, video has become the undisputed king of how people prefer to consume their information, entertainment, and yes, even their ads.

Nathan Chan, Foundr Magazine

Ann Gray Academy Introduction to Social Media & Branding Overview with Ann Gray

Such Good Info!

Ann Gray is a mastermind when it comes to marketing strategies. This course was so insightful! Not only did she give good information, but used clear examples that made the strategies easy to understand. Would definitely recommend this class to anyone getting started or looking to learn more about video, strategy, and understanding your consumer.

Grace Dupont, Social Media Marketer

Great overview on the building blocks of social media marketing

I’ve spent years working in marketing and social media and Ann has condensed the fundamentals used by digital and social media experts into a brief but comprehensive class.

Joanna Baumer, Marketing Director

Very Impressed

I have heard many people talk about social media marketing. Ann Gray is the most genuine, her stories are why I am here.

Sean Trouba, Social Media Marketer


What is Social Media Marketing?

How does Color affect your Marketing?

Breakthrough Scientific Neurological Scientific Strategies

How does the culture of today affect your Marketing?

How do you design a successful marketing strategy?


What is the importance of Video Marketing in this era?

What are the benefits of Video Marketing?

What type of Video gets the best results?

How do I create Video? What should I use in my Video content?

How do I use KPIs to decide what kind of Video to create?

How do I develop a Video strategy that works?

and more…

I think she understands the need of connecting with the audiences emotionally to better position any product in the market. She has an amazing ability to convert technical stories into simple-to-understand stories that prospective customers could understand. In general, she is an amazing person with brilliant ideas and knowledge about digital marketing.”


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