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Queen of Social Media

Hi, My name is Ann.

My clients call me the “Queen of Social Media.”

I accidentally fell into Marketing as a career. With a background in Corporate Human Resources and a love for fashion, having a past career in Cosmetology, in 2006, I began a fashion-based business. I soon learned that I needed online marketing to be successful as social media was becoming more dominant so I set out to learn everything there was to know about marketing online, social media, digital marketing, and running a business digitally. I am a perfectionist and can be obsessive so I threw myself into my studies completely and I studied from all of the best experts for literally years until I was overflowing with information.

As I studied, I would then apply what I was learning to my business and experiment. And the cycle began, study, apply, learn, study, apply, learn. Soon other Entrepreneur Groups took notice of the changes that were taking place in my business and asked me to consult for their groups in the area of marketing. Then other fashion designers would approach me one on one and ask that I would mentor and coach them and a business was born.

I fell in love with social media and branding, content creation, strategies, video design, etc. As I gained more expertise, the business grew.

I still study continually today, having a decade of research under my belt now. Social media is always changing and growing, it is a living entity and if you do not stay on top of the trends, algorithms, culture, market, etc. it will pass you by.

I do not believe in following my opinions but I base my opinions on the facts that I gain from all of the research that I do so that I know that what I am doing has a history of success, therefore, I can expect success as well.

I love helping businesses succeed and fulfill their dreams!

The rest is history as they say!

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